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We Build Search Engine Friendly Websites that Sell.

Most business owners appreciate that a website that can't get found, and then convert those clicks into calls, is like a flashy car with no engine. It might look great, but that won't get you from A to B.

Beyond web design, we specialise in:

Return On Investment (ROI) for your business is our primary goal. Before your site can bring in new business, it needs to get found by people searching for what you offer.

We aim to structure all sites in a way that makes it easy for search engines to index all of your content and will suggest changes if you request features that take us away from that goal.

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Got a site that doesn't rank on Google?
We can help with Search Engine Optimisation.

Sites fail to rank on Google for many reasons, with many simply needing minor tweaks to get the words you want to rank well for into the right positions. Others need simple errors corrected that are preventing Google from finding and indexing all of your content.

Sadly, many web designers still build web sites using methods that prevent Google from ever ranking your site well. Clarica provides search engine optimisation services that range from simple copy writing improvements for sites that are structurally sound, through to a full rebuild for sites that are fundamentally flawed beyond repair. For advanced optimisation we will need to do thorough keyword research as well as structural and copy writing changes to your site.

Google Analytics Graph :: A real example from a website built and optimised by Clarica
Search Engine Optimisation Boosts Traffic from People Searching for What you Sell.

Attracting links from other websites - taking SEO to the next level

Beyond structural and content factors, Google rank sites based on "Link Popularity". Quality link building is not recommended for a D.I.Y. approach unless you really know what you are doing since a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing in this area and it can be difficult to resuscitate a site that has been penalised for crude methods of artificial link building (known as "link spam").

In some highly competitive industries, attracting new links to your site might be where 90% of our SEO efforts need to go in order to compete with other highly popular sites. Content optimisation is finite. (You can't make a site appear to Google to be any more relevant than "Highly relevant", and attempts to do so typically backfire (things like keyword stuffing which we don't recommend). Whereas with link building, the sky is the limit & to compete with sites with a very strong profile of other sites linking to them, you will normally need to match that profile to out-rank them.

Generally you can attract quality links to your website by publishing interesting and useful resources relating to your field, public relations, writing guest posts for other publishers, and submitting to quality directories and reference resources for your industry.

Sales Conversion Optimisation.
Turn your site into a silent salesman.

Traffic only has value when it results in sales.

A "conversion" is any desirable event (like a new sale or lead) or an intermediate step to that end, such as reaching the contact us page.

In the old days of traditional marketing, you just had to put your strategy out there and then measure whether sales when up or down, but with no way to tease appart which factors made the most difference, or whether the change even resulted from your marketing at all as opposed to changes in your industry as a whole or seasonal changes.

The web changes all that by letting us measure everything and even split test different strategies to see which results in the higher percentage of "conversions" whether that be sales, lead generations, or even just reaching a page that indicates a visitor is a genuinely interested prospect or not.

Clarica normally offers conversion optimisation in conjunction with other services like Search engine Optimisation, Web Analytics, Pay Per Click Search Marketing, and Web Copy Writing. Conversion optimisation & landing page optimisation may range from simple copywriting & design changes to test for improved sales conversion rates, through to advanced A-B split testing and multivariate testing, or sometimes a complete site rewrite & redesign incorporating these features where necessary.

We measure conversion rates using tools such as Google AdWords linked to conversion points such as contact-us forms or pages configured with Google Analytics and Google Website Optimiser for A-B or multivariate split testing.

Search Engine Advertising
Turn on new business like a tap.

Watch Video: Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google

Get found by people searching for what you sell - instantly.

Pricing: We charge a simple percentage based fee (based on your ad spend).

Google adwords disclosure document: Working with third parties

Imagine a form of advertising where every last cent goes on ads that get noticed and clicked by people searching for what you sell.

This ability to focus your budget entirely on people who are searching for what you sell, and only pay when they act on your message, has left traditional marketing in its wake. It's no secret that traditional media are struggling as millions of firms learn that they get a lot more bang for their marketing dollar online.

Compared to the old "spray and pray" approach of traditional marketing, search engine marketing feels more like using a laser guided sight to reach new customers.

Google Adwords PPC Pay Per Click Professional Management and OutsourcingGetting started is easy.

  1. Give us a list of products or services to target.
  2. Tell us the area you wish to target and your budget.
    (e.g. Sydney, Melbourne & South East QLD @ $30 per day).
  3. Take a deep breath and relax. We do the rest, including...
    • Keyword Research
    • Ad Creation & Campaign Structure
    • Testing & Reporting so you know immediately what's working.

Want to get started? Click here for contact details. Setup is free and you can stop, pause or restart at any time.

More information

  • You control the daily budget - from just $30 per day.
    Note: you can spend less on ads if desired, but the miminum management fee and performance guarantee are based on an assumed mimimum ad-spend of $30/day
  • You only pay for ads that get clicked, the rest are free.
  • Pricing: Our fee is 15% of your ad spend, (no setup fees) and we've never taken over a campaign where we didn't save our clients at least the amount of our fee, and usually a whole lot more.
  • You can decide where your ads are shown. Cities, parts of cities, states, countries or custom defined regions.
  • You can decide the days and times your ads will be shown.
  • Your ads are triggered by searches that contain specific words and phrases (called keywords).
  • We setup and manage your campaign for an affordable, percentage based fee, including ad creation, keyword research, campaign design, structure and management.
  • Clarica's advanced keyword research is like a fish finder for new business, identifying the blockbuster terms that will send high volume traffic as well as the hidden niches of high converting traffic that you're competitors might be missing.
  • We track and report on the performance, so we can target your budget towards traffic that converts to sales at the highest rate, and adjust keyword bids accordingly.
  • Pay per click search marketing is more flexible than search engine optimisation and gives fast results without a large cost commitment or the risks that go with some SEO practices.
  • When we've taken over self-managed campaigns, we've never failed to gain improvements that at least paid for the cost of our fee, normally by a factor of many times.
  • Professional PPC management is not a cost, it is an essential way of saving money that gives you more clicks for less, even after paying for professional management.
  • We make the comlicated easy. Professional PPC management saves you time so you can focus on running your business.

How it works - 3 Minute Video

Contact Clarica now to learn more or get started.

Display Advertising - Take Market Reach to the Next Level.

Google adwords disclosure document: Working with third parties

Display advertising lets you reach potential customers much earlier in the buying cycle than search marketing and helps you build brand awareness and familiarity. When used in conjunction with search marketing it can land a powerful double punch that lets prospects see your message when they search for what you sell, having already been exposed to your brand through display advertising on related sites even if they have not clicked those ads.

Clarica provides display ad design and management services, either on an ad-hoc contract basis (usually for ad agencies who outsource to us) or as part of our Pay -Per-Click Advertising Management services.

  • You can control which sites your ads appear on.
  • You can also let Google decide where your ads appear based on content matching and where they perform best.
  • Pay per click or per thousand impressions - you decide.
  • Detailed tracking and reporting ensures that you only pay for placements that perform.
  • Your ads are only shown to people in cities or regions that you specify, determined by the location of the person visiting the website. For example your ads could be set to show on a website based in the United States, but only to people visiting that website from Sydney, so you never need pay to reach people who aren't potential customers.

Professional email marketing, design, copywriting and managementEmail Marketing - More Business from Current Contacts

Marketing to an existing client base is normally more cost effective than converting new clients. Clarica can help you build a strategy that grows your list, and then design, write and manage your email marketing campaigns. We provide email marketing services for some of the largest IT companies in the world as well as for small businesses and sole traders.

Email marketing can be low cost and extremely cost effective, ranging from detailed design and copy writing with sophisticated analysis, through to designing a simple template and setting up a campaign structure that you self manage and write your own content for.

To learn more about how Clarica can help build your business with effective email marketing, please call us now on 1300 785 434

Copy Writing (Content Writing) & Sales Conversion Optimisation - The Secrets of Turning Clicks Into Calls.

Most of our clients are experts in their own fields but when it comes to web copy writing, it pays to use a professional if you want results.

Web copywriting for Search engine optimisation and sales conversion optimisation

Many people find content writing daunting because they're not sure what to say, or how to structure things for maximum sales effectiveness and the greatest chance of getting found on Google.

Our expertise is in the art and science of crafting search engine friendly web copy that hooks readers interest, connects with the emotions that motivate your customers, and then drives visitors through a well thought through path that ends with a call, an email, a visit or a purchase.

After interviewing you about your business, products and customers, we will write the content for your site based on a proven formula that gives you the greatest chance of getting found on Google, and turning your website into a major source of new leads, sales and higher profits.

Split testing

We can even setup A/B split testing or multivariate testing to test different versions of copy text, images or action items like buttons and signup forms so that you don't need to take our word for it as to what will work best, you simply need to trust the data that tells you which version of content your visitors respond to with increased contacts, signups or sales.

Split testing requiers a sufficient volume of traffic in order to provide statistically meaningful results, so it is usually more applicable to existing sites that are already ranking on google, or new sites where you have sufficient budget to for SEO or Google adwords to get that traffic.

If you need a website that gets found by more people searching for what you sell, and turns more of them into customers, then please call Clarica today on 1300 785 434














Strategic advice is part of what we do, and all of our clients get the benefit of our more than 10 years of experience in web services and marketing. We have helped literally hundreds of firms just like yours grow their business online, so if your business could benefit from our experience, please get in touch.

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